the new Rally Building

Purchase a 30+ year old ugly square box and transform it into a beautifully modern (yet entirely practical) commercial office building.

Purchase a 30+ year old ugly square box and transform it into a beautifully modern (yet entirely practical) commercial office building. When Creative Director Stan Loewen walked into the run down and decrepit building located at 2020 Abbotsford Way he didn’t see it for what it was, but rather for what it could be. A vision of high vaulted ceilings in a grand foyer off a cozy open studio plan immediately took shape. By strategically placing additional windows and replacing the old bay doors with walls of glass throughout the studio area there would be just the right amount of natural light while at the same time maintaining the controlled lighting environment required for precise digital production. This raw box was not seen as a tear-down but rather as a blank canvas for Rally to do for itself what it does for it’s clients on a regular basis.

From the get-go emphasis was placed on doing it right the first time. The studio space (a former warehouse and raw workshop) was completely gutted as were all plumbing, electrical, and mechanical aspects of the building. Completely new exterior windows were installed while the studio interior was stripped down to the original 30 year old concrete floors, scored, and then re-polished. 10 mil glass separation walls (made possible by our good friends over at PFG Glass) finished things off to provide that perfect balance of practical comfort and modern design. One thing Rally loves is to leave good first impression. To that end 40% of our studio is dedicated to achieving an enhanced ‘sense of arrival’ illustrated by the grand openness of the lobby, presentation room, and reception area.

The exterior of the block building was stripped of the canopies up front and a totally new frontal facade was designed and implemented. By blending anodized channel reveals, and combining metallic silver painted hardi-board in tandum with a feature fin wall, the architectural presence of this building was completely changed. Stan worked with his award winning environmental design team and consulting partner Integrity Design to re-tool the exterior of this bland canvas and create an iconic architectural landmark that provides both a building of distinction and an end product that has made anyone who had seen the original building say “what the…?” in a double take as they drive by!

It’s definitely worth a look if you’re in the area! The NEW Rally Building at 2020 Abbotsford Way


#300 – 34077 Gladys Avenue
Abbotsford, BC V2S 2E8
Tel: 1.604.850.0515
Toll-free: 1.888.427.9997


Monday to Friday 8:30a.m. to 5:00p.m.