Your brand is the face of your company, our top priority is the creation of unique and memorable brand stories and designs that differentiate you from your competition, while setting you apart in the eyes of your customers.

Graphic Design

Driven by visual storytelling, inspired by form and passionate about elevating projects, we’re a creative studio that combines the pursuit of elegant and effective design elements with the finest creative ideas and vision.


Ultimately, we live in a 3D world, and we build interactive and responsive environments around your brand that allow your customers to fully immerse themselves from a tangible dimensional point of view.

Architectural Visualization

Architectural renderings tell a story, and the renderings that we produce allow our clients to tell the story of their development long before the shovel hits the dirt. From single-family homes and low-rise multi-family to high-rise buildings, we will help you visualize and elevate your project from the best vantage points and perspectives in the 3D space.


We design and develop interactive touchscreen programs that are visual experiences to showcase your development to your customers. Composed using a variety of media and design elements, they are visually stimulating promotional presentations that relay your offering in an interactive and dynamic way.


Our experienced design team selects and combines elements such as graphics, typefaces, and imagery to communicate ideas effectively. From logos to fulfillment brochures, websites and presentation centre graphics, our knowledge of composition, layout, and typography ensure that your brand story and message are indelibly and distinctly expressed.

Some other services WCI provides or coordinates:

Architectural Photography | Lifestyle Photography | Aerial Drone Photography | Commercial Illustrations
Video Production & Motion Graphics | Unit Plan Sanitization | Interactive Hardware Sourcing & Installation


We have aligned to increase
our synergy, and yours.

In 2020, WCI Media Studios and Rally Creative joined forces and formed WCI | RALLY COLLABORATIVE to create a stronger, more diverse agency, and to better reflect their expanded creative services portfolio. This wasn’t a spontaneously combustible move either; the intent was deliberate, but pure and simple. Both studios have developed industry leading reputations in their respective creative spaces, and recognized that merging their talents would further drive their pursuit of great design and ideas, inspired by creative storytelling and advancing technology.

Capitalizing on Jeremy’s keen eye for design, detail and quality, Tanner’s organizational and team-building strengths, Stan’s strong ability to understand the difference between a passing trend and timeless design, and the amazing talents and intuition of both studio teams, WCI | RALLY is now a dynamic team of creative 3D artists, graphic designers, production artists, project managers, interactive programmers, and industry proven consultants.

Like any professional craft, the ability to create and deliver exceptional design is a skill honed over time and through their combined experience, WCI | RALLY has certainly had plenty of time to practice.

Our Team

Photo of Jeremy Noftle

Jeremy Noftle


From over 20 years of experience in an architectural office, Jeremy has developed a sharp visual eye and strong understanding of character, form and function, and a perceptive business mind. Contributing to the team both creatively and administratively, he believes in learning on the fly and the importance of pivoting to adapt to industry standards and client needs. As a big sports fan, devoted music lover and avid mountain biker, you will often find Jeremy at either a hockey game, a concert or shredding downhill trails on local mountains, when not in the studio.

Photo of Tanner Cervo

Tanner Cervo

Vice President

Born and raised in the Lower Mainland, Tanner has a love of BC and everything that it has to offer, rain included. After earning his teaching degree at UBC, time as a professional educator, and becoming an internationally certified basketball official, Tanner has developed many communication, organizational and team building attributes that are essential to our clients and the studio culture. Tanner loves sports, the outdoors, a good meal, and his family. Outside the studio, he can be found on the soccer pitch or entertaining his wife and four energetic children.

Photo of Stan Loewen

Stan Loewen

Creative Director

With a keen eye for design, Stan has over 35 years of experience in creative planning, and his dedication to quality and precision in execution is unrivalled. Stan is strategic, focused and driven to always help our clients build, revitalize, and manage their brands. His methodology is straight forward, and on point. He collaborates and leads our design team and engineers’ strategies, generates big picture solutions, and implements creative programs to deliver exceptional results for each and every project we push through the studio.